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Turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace

Have you got an existing website and dependable community and would really like to search out ways that to diversify your revenue? Or would you prefer to begin an eCommerce business while not having to invest in making your own product line? With Product Vendors for WooCommerce, you’ll be able to instantly turn a WooCommerce powered store into a marketplace complete with multiple vendors, products and payout settings.

Allow multiple vendors to sell via your website and reciprocally take a commission on sales to cover the costs of managing the positioning while you focus your efforts on building a community.

Why We Need It: Product Vendor

  • Create a marketplace which can promote anything. From physical, hand-made products to virtual downloads like photographs, themes, fonts, audio or video or even time-based bookings with our integration with WooCommerce Bookings.
  • Retain selling your very own products. display vendor products for sales right along with your personal products.
    Set vendor specific commission charges. Incentivize new vendors to sign up for your marketplace or reward loyal or high earning with vendor-specific commission rates – whilst still placing a separate base commission rate across your marketplace.
  • Reduce your admin. allow vendors to control their own products. provide vendors the capability to control their personal products.
  • Don’t pay commissions on orders that aren’t finished. Set commissions to most effectively are assigned to vendors once the order is completed.
  • Stay on of top of your marketplace with sales reports. Get an overall view of vendor sales, commissions and profits per month by the vendor.
  • Delay commission payments to account for returns. Use PayPal Mass payments to put off commission payments in case of returns on physical products.
  • Work smarter with WooCommerce Product Vendors Extension. Create the next Etsy, Dreamstime, or CafePress like a marketplace.
  • This extension lets you create a multi-vendor marketplace and earn commissions on every product sale they sell.



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