WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus

by WooCommerce

Offer Pickup for Any Product, anywhere

The built-in “Local Pickup” shipping integrated method for WooCommerce allows your customers to come back to you to pick up their purchased products. while this works excellent for stores with an integrated brick-and-mortar location, it poses large issues for shops with more than one locations or distribution centers.

Local Pickup Plus provides a much greater robust pickup built-in integrated for retailers with multiple places, distribution centers, or pickup websites. offer pick up locations across the country (or built-in other international locations!), restriction pickup to integrated items, restrict which products are available at an area, accept scheduled pickup dates, and more!

Why We Need It: WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus

  • Set up more than one pickup locations for the customer to select a pickup location at checkout
  • Selected pickup location is displayed in customer’s Account – View Order page, order emails, and in order Admin
  • Allow, require, or limit pickup for individual products and product categories
  • Decide if each product can be picked up at a unique location, or if only one pickup location is available per order
  • If site admin allows per-item pickup locations, you can even limit which products are available at a location!
  • Set charges or discounts for choosing pickup for a package
  • Export and import pickup locations thru CSV
  • Notify a list of e-mail addresses while an order consists of a pickup at a given location
  • Define business days and hours to allow or require selecting a pickup date
  • Compatible with several plugins, such as WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Export, WooCommerce Customer / Order XML Export, and WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists
  • Support for Google Maps Geocoding to sort locations by the distance from the customer
  • Supports multiple shipping techniques per order
  • Use the pickup location as the taxable address

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    January 10, 2019

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    January 13, 2019

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