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Hide My Folders ActiveX icon Make sure your PC's folders and files are protected with this hider utility that allows you to hide all the preferred files from viewing, accessing, searching or deleting

Nowadays, with the growing number of handled files and folders, users might be requiring solutions for keeping their sensitive data protected from unwanted access. There are multiple applications out there that offer such features, but most of them entail quite complex undertakings. Hide My Folders ActiveX is a utility that was developed with a different approach in mind, for providing people with an efficient and straightforward way of hiding their sensitive folders, files or applications.

Compact and lightweight interface that offers everything one needs for hiding the preferred content

Hide My Folders ActiveX implements a minimalist interface that will enable users to input the files or folders that need to be hidden, without any hassle. For those who are on the rush, the application provides two main options that will allow them to easily hide all the TXT format files on their PCs or the contents of “My Documents” folder for the current user.

Nevertheless, for users who require to hide specific contents, Hide My Folders ActiveX provides a more in-depth approach, allowing them to input their own files. Each application, file or folder that needs to be hidden can be easily selected by inserting its directory path in the dedicated hide menu.

Keep your files out of the reach of unwanted access with this basic yet efficient utility

In addition to hiding specific files or folders, the application also provides users with the choice of adding expressions as criteria for the masking process. This is especially useful since it will enable one to use only the file extensions as the hiding parameter, therefore increasing the handling efficiency.

Once all the content that needs to be hidden has been prepared, people will have access to two buttons that will enable them to perform a global hide / unhide command. Because of its easy-to-use interface and straightforward action, this utility will not require any advanced skills or extra time for setting up, allowing users to quickly protect their files.

Convenient software solution that will help you hide the sensitive data on your PC with ease

Those who require an efficient way of protecting their data from unwanted access, could appreciate the straightforward handling and ease-of-use provided by Hide My Folders ActiveX. It will provide them with a minimalist interface that carries several dedicated buttons that will enable them to hide the preferred file, folder or application in no time.

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Hide My Folders ActiveX was reviewed by Andrei Verdeanu
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