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HideOutlookFolders icon This simple to use application can help you hide certain Outlook folders, such as RSS Feeds or Junk E-Mail, which you cannot delete

HideOutlookFolders is a simple, yet useful application which allows you to hide any folder in your Outlook profile.

The software is particularly useful in cases when you wish to hide folders that you cannot delete, such as Junk Email or other directories which you hardly use. It can help you unclog the folders list, especially when it is very large.

The application requires that Microsoft Outlook should already be installed on your computer in order to read the folder tree. It can display the folder structure in Outlook, based on each username and allows you to view even the most remote subfolders, by expanding the nodes. Moreover, you can easily select the entire folder or only the desired subdirectory.

The software can read the default Outlook directories as well as the ones created by the user or by various plugins and add-ins. However, several functions can only be performed exclusively on the currently used computer.

Folders such as Sync Issues, Calendar, Contacts, Journal, Notes, Tasks, Conversation Action Settings or Quick Step Settings can only be hidden on the current PC.

In other words, should you login with Outlook on a different computer, the hidden attributes do not apply to the aforementioned folders. All the rest, for example Drafts, Archives, Templates or other user-created directories remain hidden regardless on which station you login to Outlook.

HideOutlookFolders is a suitable solution for cases when you need to work with a large number of folders and wish to remove those that you do not use.

If you do not wish to permanently delete them or in case you cannot erase them, HideOutlookFolders can help you hide them from sight. This way, you can clear away all the unused folders and leave only those that you need at the moment.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • You cannot hide any folder, only view the list and select them

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HideOutlookFolders 1.08

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